Alpha Eta Rho - Phi Beta Sigma Chapter

Alpha Eta Rho
Phi Beta Sigma Hangar
Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

. The Phi Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Eta Rho has moved again. We were stationed at, but were forced to move. Our address was bought out by an SEO company in California. Since then they have proceeded to put in place a derogatory spoof site. Not only does this site damage Alpha Eta Rho, it damages all Greek organizations as a whole. In a time when we are fighting for our place on campuses nation wide this derogatory attack is totally uncalled for.

The spoofed site features a Bridgewater, MA mailing address, pictures of scantily clad women and alcohol consumption, and even links to an active Alpha Eta Rho guest book from Omicron Upsilon Chapter, Ohio State University. This is clearly an attempt to portray AHP, Phi Beta Sigma and all Greeks at Bridgewater State College in a negative light.

Although the disclaimer at the bottom of the page states "This web page is completely unaffiliated with and not associated with Alpha Eta Rho, Phi Beta Sigma, or the former owners of this Internet address." it is hidden by using similar colors to the background, which make it difficult to read. The address in question is 4130 Broad St., Bridgewater. It looks as though they are trying to make others believe that this is "our" fraternity house. Don't take my word for it though; go visit the site for yourself.

Mr. McKown was nice enough to offer us the chance to purchase our site back for the low fee of $150.00. This is clearly a money-making ploy. Buy an internet address that receives several hits a day and then charge the original owners a large sum to have it back. You are almost forced to buy it back in order to alleviate the negative hits your organization will take. If you research Mr. McKown online as I did you will see that he hordes these names and sometimes sells them for as much as $3000.00 each. Do a search for his email on Google and you'll find several guest book entries that will lead you to other sites he is involved with. He's also followed closely in these guest books by a Patricia Parks, supposedly of Acorn Web Design, Las Vegas, NV. We are still investigating her involvement in this destruction of our character.

Mr. Michael McKown of SEO, Encino, CA is responsible for this heinous act. Feel free to contact him and tell him how you feel.

Mike McKown

5310 Lindley Ave, Encino, CA 91316

Cell 818-667-2001

Work 818-342-4400

Work (toll free) 888-743-9939

Web Address:

We are actively pursuing this in the legal arena so check back for more updates. In the meantime we have purchased a new address and will be moving our site there. The link is below, hope to see you there.