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The Gamma Mu Alumni Association, Inc., founded on March 17th, 1995 dedicates itself to the service of the local chapter and community, providing Alumni guidance to the Gamma Mu Chapter of Theta Xi as well as involvement in community services.

Why form an Alumni Association ?
As stated in The Purpose, Alumni guidance is essential for the success of any chapter of Theta Xi. In many instances, a strong Alumni Association can prove beneficial for both Chapter and Graduates. Alumni may have insight beyond those of undergraduates and can provide concepts and ideas which can make a profound and beneficial difference in a chapter. Many chapters have suffered from a lack of Alumni support. Undergraduate Brothers can benefit from the past experiences of Alumni and can free themselves from repeating history, while excelling from prior success.
An Association can provide a forum for a Graduated Brother to "give" once again to Theta Xi, not just monetarilly, but spiritually and emotionally. Alumni Brothers often feel that the Quest ends after Graduation, however this is simply NOT the case. This association allows Theta Xi's to keep in contact with their Chapter as well as eachother.

*Theta Xi Bonds are for life, and the Quest extends far beyond your undergraduate years.*

What does the Association do on a regular basis ?

Largely, this is dependent on the Members themselves.
The Gamma Mu Alumni Association, meets every 6-8 weeks, to discuss General Business of the organization, however it has been the intention of this Association to begin a process whereby individual members begin to take charge and organize events both internally and with the local Chapter.

How is the Association "managed" ?

The Alumni Association consists of a Board of Directors,and the General Membership. The Board of directors consists of four Alumni members and two Undergraduate members. The Alumni board members hold the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President of the Gamma Mu Chapter, and the Alumni Liasion hold the other two board positions. Each year, at an Annual Meeting, the Alumni Association opens elections for the four Alumni Executive Board positions. Any member can be nominated and/or elected.

So how can I become a member of the Association ?

According to the Consitution and By-laws of the Gamma Mu Alumni Association, one must be in "good standing" for membership into the organization. Good standing means that the Brother must have paid his dues in full to the Gamma Mu Chapter. In addition, the Brother must be recognized as an Alumni by National Headquarters. If these two qualifications are met, then you must attend a meeting and express your interest in becomming a member.

When will the Association meet next ?

The next sceduled event for the Alumni Association is December 1st at Montclair State University.

Check the Events Calendar on this page for more info.

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