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Hi! Welcome to my homepage!


Visit my cooking pages to take an inside look at cooking from a Chef's point of view. Recipes, tips and amusing anecdotes from 30 years of cooking will hopefully be entertaining and informative. Click onKOOKERY to access the Chef's intersanctum."BEHIND THE SWINGING DOORS"andPART TWO takes a look at what REALLY goes on just out of sight of the public. Most is amusing and some unbelievable but all torn from the pages of my career. UPDATED 8/3/99)


AFRICAN CICHLIDS:Enter the ever growing popular hobby of fishkeeping. This page will specialize in comments and questions on keeping and breeding African Cichlids. I am by no means an expert but do enjoy the hobby. I raise both Tanganikan and Malawian cichids. I have attempted some Victorian Haps with no success in breeding.

I presently have twenty tanks of African cichlids with a central linear piston pump system that I installed and am involved in breeding. If you have any hints,tips, questions or PHOTOS hit the mail link and drop me a line.

TANKS AND BREEDING: This is what works for me. Check out the progress as I add success and failure stories. Please add your own via E-Mail and we can learn together.


This section is devoted to the ones that are always devoted to us. Duke is a 6 year old Brittany Spaniel that is slightly overweight, suffers from allergies and, unlike is other Spaniel relatives, hates water, snow, fog, dew or any other type of dampness. Our newest addition is Ozzy, a pedigree 5 week old (at this writing) Golden Retriever who we just picked out of the litter on Jan 9th 1999. He has already won our hearts and hasn't even come home yet. With the help of my new video capture system and my sons expensive Sony video camera we will develop a picture gallery of these two rascals and watch Ozzy grow.UPDATE: Ozzy is now 5, Duke has left us and we have added 2 Rodesian Ridgebacks and a Chocolate Lab to the mix. Check them out!CLICK HERE to see them in action.


This year my 9 year old daughter and I made the magic journey to the Magic Kingdom. If you anticipate a trip in your future, check out our pics and suggestions to enhance your adventure and minimize the stress on your pocket book. Click Here and follow Tinkerbell.


So who is this guy anyway. A brief bio for those interested or just nosy. 55 year old midwestern born male. Single with children. Lee age 29, Ben age 27, and Amanda age 14. Yes she was planned. 2 marriages with limited success. Haven't given up on women but starting to get mighty particular. Child of the 60's and still working my way through a mortgage. Internet has provided a social life that use to come from a 12oz bottle. A fair trade off I think. Well that's more info than anyone wanted.THIS PICTURE is what I enjoy most of all!

Thanks for dropping by CHEFS KORNER. Recipes,ideas,and questions will be welcomed. Breed African Cichlids? Me too. Drop me a line. Need homepage help? Try the HTML link. Print it out. It's worth it. A note of thanks to my good friends Cindy and Mike for their gracious help in teaching me graphics. Without their help these pages would be text only. Please visit them at the Casper City Gazette. (See Link)


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