Rick's Stamp Collecting Page

Plane Image

Welcome to Rick's Stamp Collecting Page.  This page is designed to provide an introduction to philately, or stamp collecting. This page will provide links to other stamp collectors and dealers that can provide you with stamps and supplies, or additional stamp collecting info.  You will notice on each page, I have highlighted two United States stamps.  One image is the wallpaper image and the other is a foreground image.  To make the wallpaper, I started with a stamp image and then cropped the perforations and lightened the image using LView Pro.  I hope that you will find these pages of interest and if you have any suggestions for improvement, drop me an e-mail.  Happy stamp collecting!

About the Background Stamp:

This image is the 8c Washington Bicentennial stamp issued in 1932.  This commemorative set features 12 different portraits of George Washington.  This set is inexpensive to collect and should be part of any United States collection.  Incidentally, George Washington was one of the first portraits to appear on a United States stamp in 1847.

About the Foreground Stamp:

The airplane stamp was issued in 1928 in connection with the International Civil Aeronautics Conference.  The conference commemorated the 25th anniversary of the first airplane flight by the Wright Brothers on December 17, 1903.  A 5c blue stamp is also included in this set.  These stamps are inexpensive to collect and should be part of any United States collection.

This page was last updated on 03/04/2000.