This is my Pro class1969 Camaro RSat E.T. Raceway in Lyons, Indiana.

LATEST NEWS 3/12/09 - I sold the Camaro to a guy in North Carolina. The money was used to purchase a 1982 Corvette. Details to come

This is my 1964 Impala SS at E.T. Raceway

This is my 2003 VTX Retro,click on text for more on this bike.

This is my 1947 Chevy Coupe,click on text for more on this project.


Brent and Traci Fields's Trophy Class 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass S


These guys set the standard for whats cool...

Here are a few of 20th century's rides...always updating


I Paint Cars and work on them in my spare time....