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I've been dreaming of you...I know you are out there, I know that fate destines us to be together, so my dreams and your dreams will become our dreams. I will never stop searching for you, please don't give up on me, because I will never give up on you. Walk in the field of gold with love and me...

Is the Internet a good way to find a potential mate? Or, better said, the type of person who could share your life and fall in love with you forever? If you are also searching for a mate who will commit his love to you, give me the opportunity to see your picture, hear your voice and meet you in person sometime. If not there is no reason to read what I have to say or see my pictures.

Life has been fine, but not too rewarding for me. I long to have someone I could talk to about anything; someone who would know my heart and good intentions and love me in spite of my imperfections; someone who would respect my feelings and forgive me when I make mistakes... I dream of finding someone who would love me in spite of them and yet be able to see the love in my heart. Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I hope that someday I'll find someone who would accept all of me and who could appreciate the attributes I bring to a serious relationship. I'm not looking for marriage but hey if the one and only comes my way you can bet I would take her forever. I am not looking for someone who is perfect either. I am just looking for someone to love and be loved by, someone I can share my secrets with, someone I could trust forever. To make me happy at this time in my life that person would have to have certain traits and attributes and definitely not others.

While your age is not a prerequisite, I will tell you I seem to get younger as the years go by, not only in free spirited but practical thought, but also in appearance. I look better than I did ten years ago. This is probably the result of no longer having a teenager to raise on my own. My wife passed away over twenty years ago. Common sense and my own feeling nature tell me it would be sensible for me and obviously much happier for my future companion if she were to help choose the spot for us live and settle down.

All right, now let us get to the difficult part. What type of woman do I want? Or what type of woman do I think I want? Let me start with what I think is essential. I feel a bit foolish in stating this but, I am looking for a woman thats pleasing to my eyes. Shapely hips and feminine endowments above the waist a plus. Soft skin, gentle nature, feisty, inspiring, honest, fun-fully naughty, shared feelings openly, faithful, has charisma, classy, balanced emotionally, sophisticated, not moody, doesn't mine to be pampered, caring, a heart with tenderness. Is ready for a fresh start and more out of life then ever before. Who faces every day as an adventure for a new beginning. To be each others best friend, companion, lover. Wants to be pleased as well as give pleasure in return. Will try anything once, twice if it is good. Possessing a beautiful smile, joyous, low maintenance. A woman who enriches my life as I enrich hers. Who finds meaning in life and is sexually confident. A woman who's at her best when wearing a silk satin evening dress, exotic perfumes, smells like heaven and heels. Looks fabulous in cutoffs, low-cut blouses, tight Jeans, miniskirt, low-rise bikini or nothing at all. A strong minded woman that doesn't give up her personality to conform to mine. One who understands that none of us are perfect, that what is in your past has made you the person you are today. Good, bad, indifferent and has put that behind her. I don't want to have to stress myself out by trying to keep up with someone who thinks they are perfect.

The above is a start only and, of course, everything is amenable. If any of what I have said tweets an interest, let me know and we can talk about it.

Perhaps I should say something about myself, but what. I suppose we truly do not see ourselves as others see us and each of the others sees us differently. Not wanting to confuse the issue, I will simply give you a few statistics. I'm a Leo, I cook, iron, clean, handyman around the home. I do all those things a man remembers his sister being taught to do by their mother and a widower has to learn to do for himself before my second marriage which has ended. I consider myself fairly diverse in interests, laid back, easy to talk to, reliable, cheerful and faithful. A TRUE-HEARTED gentleman that's exceptionally sensual, affectionate, passionate, thrilling, adventurous, exciting. I enjoy to please my lady and make her dreams come true, I can and do. To deliver the best a man can offer, when properly inspired. To make my woman feel she is the most important thing in my life. To pamper, spoil and please her in ways she never imagined possible. Who knows his way around a women's body. I enjoy french kissing, ballroom dancing, traveling, candlelight dinning, barbeque's, mountain top picnics, beaches, walking hand in hand, snuggling by a fire with champagne, cuddling on the couch watching movies, staying up late sharing stories, having fun, hot bubble baths for two. I'm reserved in my public life and fun-fully naughty in my private life. A Southern man with a kinky twist. I am way past all of the nonsense in relationships and have no time for games or liars. I think there’s nothing better than falling in Love, sharing each others Compassion, Warmth, Passion, Honesty, Romance and Love. I know sex is a healthy part of a relationship but not the main focus. Of course, you can't get to know a person by just these words. Meeting the person and spending time is the only way. We have only one chance on this earth so lets make the best of it together? To grow old as best friends and lovers, like my Grandparents did but with modern sexual hunger!!!

There is no conclusion to what I am saying: It is a discussion that goes on forever between friends and more importantly between man and woman. If I have reached you, you may reach me anytime by leaving me your email message below, sending me your scanned picture if you have one. Last if you are as true and honest as me, your home telephone number. A good time to call you Eastern Standard time? I would gladly give you my telephone number in exchange. I don't have anything to hide. My pictures are of me from age 3 to now. If we seem to be a match let's get to know each other with the possibility of meeting in person sometime soon.

Love is

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